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MPCC is a non profit organisation which was set up by the community for the community.   You will always receive a friendly welcome and we pride ourselves on being a place for all generations.



Our vision sees MPCC at the heart of the community providing a sustainable, secure, culturally diverse and accessible space that is valued and supported by the people of Maidenbower and the surrounding area. To provide a welcoming environment for all. From parents and babies, children, teenagers, young adults through to senior citizens.



Our mission is to promote, enable and facilitate inclusive activities, which embrace the recreational needs and address the welfare, health, social, cultural for all generations of the local community



Keep the building available, accessible and safe for the use of local people and others

To enable a range of social, development, health and welfare activities to take place which responds to the needs of local people of all ages.

To support local businesses.

To provide a good quality of service.

To consult with the community, to ensure where possible, we support the local communityand meet their requirements.

To be financially substainable.

To provide a safe and friendly environment for all to meet.

To build a community within the community for all to enjoy for generations to come.



Excellence - To provide 'excellent' services to our community

Accountability - MPCC is managed and run by local people. We are accountable and responsive to them at all times.

Mutual Respect - MPCC will treat everyone who is involved and connected to the centre with the respect they deserve.

Equality - MPCC is committed to eliminating discrimination in the local community.














MPCC is open to Non- Members seven day’s a week up until 6pm.

From 6pm MPCC Become a Members only Club.



Membership -


Every member of the club may, subject to these rules and the bylaws for the time being in force, use and enjoy in common with the other members of the club, the club premises including the club house and the furniture, fittings and other things the club houses from time to time provided by the Company for the use of the club.


 A member is not under any financial liability by reason of his/her membership except for payment of his/her annual subscription to the Company and all debts due to the Club payable for food, drink, room hire and any other services and supplies at the rates from time to time prevailing.


 The club consists of not more than 2,500 Members.


subscriptions the membership fee are due when membership has been accepted.


The annual subscription for each year of membership is due by 30th September.


Every candidate for membership of the club must be proposed by one member of the club of whom must be personally acquainted with the candidate and must vouch for his/her fitness for membership.


 Proposals must be on the forms, paper provided by the Company and must be signed by the proposer.


The candidate must sign and date form of application for membership giving all particulars required by the Company with an undertaking to be bound by all the rules and bylaws of the club if elected. MPCC may expel from the club any member whose conduct is in its opinion injurious to the character of the club or the interests of the members.


An expelled member forfeits all the privileges of membership and all rights against the club.  An expelled member is not entitled to any refund of his/her subscriptions and remains liable for his/her subscription for the year during which he/she is expelled.


Membership can not be transferred


Membership cards are the property of MPCC


Members are required to keep the Company informed of their up to date contact information. If members have failed to do so then misdirected communications are considered delivered to the member.



The sale or supply of intoxicating liquor in the Club will be permitted during the general Licensing hours in force subject to such extensions as may be available to the Club. 

Intoxicating liquor shall only be sold to persons so authorised under any applicable licence

As per Licensing requirement MPCC reserve to right to refuse service of intoxicating liquor to anyone deemed unduly intoxicated.




Members are entitled to bring with them up to three guests no more than 3 times in a calendar month. Members must sign guests in and pay the appropriate visitors fee.


Members shall be responsible for the conduct of their guests.


Members may not bring any guest who has been expelled from the club or any person whose membership has been vetoed


Dogs are permitted in the club at the staff’s discretion and must be kept on a lead at all times

 Matters relating to the internal administration of the club are confidential. Members are also reminded that all


members in their individual capacities are entitled to the benefit to the law relating to privacy and the law related to slander and libel. Anything seen or said in the clubroom is to be considered off the record. Any abuse of this rule will lead to the immediate expulsion of the guilty party. Any member expelled under this law may not visit the Club, even as a guest.


Tops must be worn at all times, including the patio area.


Ball’s are not permitted on the Club premises


Dirty footwear must be removed before entering the premises.


We operate a zero tolerance policy for drugs, anyone caught or suspected of taking/dealing drugs will be

immediately banned and where appropriate reported to the appropriate authorities


We operate a zero tolerance policy for Abuse anyone who is seen as threatening or abusive will be immediately banned and where appropriate reported to the appropriate authorities

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